10 signs that would help you recognize, if your partner is Mr. Perfect or Mr. Player

Posted on May 31 2013 - 5:06pm by momdailytips

When one is in love, It is really easy to get clouded by emotions, wierd bad thoughts and a question- IS HE REALLY INTERESTED IN ME OR IS HE JUST TOYING WITH MY EMOTIONS?

Before reading anything further, I would like to ask you, “What’s your intuition telling you?”

When someone’s not fully faithful to us, somewhere inside our heart we know it already, but because we are so madly in love with them we simply deny those facts. It is the time that we start recollecting the facts and either stop wasting our time with someone who is just using us or make this relationship stronger and better so that there is no room for any further doubts for either one of you.
You are not sure where you stand with him because he is not ready for commitments? Whatever his romantic style be, it is leaving you confused, frustrated and wondering what’s really going on in his mind? Your man avoids eye contact, he does not encourage conversation, discussions and tries to maintain distance? If you answered anyone of these as a yes, you really need to think about this relationship. You should and you must put spotlight on all these questions right now and not let the fog of love blind you for next 15 minutes while you are reading this article.


10 signs that would help you recognize, if your partner is Mr. Perfect or Mr. Player

1.      Afraid of Commitment

You go on a great date, things are going wonderfully well, you feel the chemistry, you share a beautiful love life. You’ve been dating for a few months now but he still hesitates to say he loves you or wants to talk about his feelings when it comes to you and your future together. Whenever the commitment question comes around, he freaks out, gets angry, diverts the topic or always has excuses. If your guy is dating you but constantly telling you that he needs time to understand if he really loves you, or he is still not sure how he feels, it is time to think. Because when a guy is really into you, he’ll want to let you know how he feels and make sure that you feel the same way too, he won’t hide his feelings. If he can’t do that, start re-assessing what are you still doing with him

2.      Ignores or shows disrespect

He ignores you, avoids you or disrespects you by putting down your values, thoughts and ideas, he avoids social outings with you and even if he does go out, he is busy with his friends and leaves you alone in social gatherings. If this happens once or twice, you can give him the benefit of the doubt but if this happens many times, he just doesn’t want to hang out with you in social gatherings. So, stop wasting your time on this guy and focus your attention on the one who focuses on you rather than focusing on how to use you.


3.      Always ready for cuddly romantic dates

Mark my words girls, this guy has time to spend with you when you two are alone but not when people and friends are around. He’s just not interested in you or in a relationship with you and you know what he is interested in – the benefits of it. I would call this guy The Player because till the time romance, lovey-dovey dates, physical intimacy remains, you will find him around you and as they diminish, his absence will start dominating. He is just keeping his options open to find the right girl while using you for a fun ride. Beware of Mr. Players, they are so good with their words that you will always be on cloud 9 after hearing your praises

4.      He Encourages You to Date Other People

If he encourages you to meet his male friends and let them flirt with you and don’t react, something is terribly wrong. If he tries to convey that you can date others and not wait around for him; it’s because he does not see a future with you and wants to be free to date others as well. If he flirts openly with your female friends every now and then and gets angry when you discuss about this, or tells you healthy flirting is good to be on safer side, raise a red flag on your relationship. He is neither possessive about you, nor he wants you to be possessive about him

5.      He Does Not Share in the Dating Expenses

Every time you go on a date, it’s you paying the bills. If you are the one footing the bill for all of your events and outings, the guy is only into you for what he can get out of you. This guy will always has excuses and puppy faces when it comes to paying the bills. Don’t fool yourself girls, it’s not about the money that he is extracting out of you, its about a self respect you are prone to lose at a later stage. If you are the one who is always calling, paying his cell phone bills and shopping for him, it is a ringing bell for you that something fishy is going in his mind.

6.      He Disappears for Days without letting you know

This sign is usually self-explanatory but love is blind, right? He comes back, gives you a nice excuse with a cute puppy face and you are back in his arms. You think that he is still in the cute relationship you have and cares about you and maybe you are just over reacting. So, if you find yourself dealing with such a guy who disappears from your life without a word even for once, you need to think. Honestly, you are not over-reactoing, you are just reacting to a thing that was wrong

7.      You Never Meet His Friends or Family

If a guy is serious about you, he will want his near and dear ones to know about you and will have no problem in introducing you to his friends, co-workers and family. If your guy is always changing the topic when you talk about his family and friends and doesn’t ever let you meet any of them, especially family members, you are being kept as a secret and you must wonder why. Is he really single or is he even thinking the future together? You need to find it yourself to know exactly what’s going on in his head

8.      He Does Not Call You Back or Answers His Phone Whenever You Call

When a guy is really into you, he will pick up on the first ring or will surely call you back as soon as he gets time (Ladies, please consider that working men, even if its part-time, have meetings to attend and important work to complete). When you see this going on for days, and feel that you are not on top of his priority list, talk to him straight away and sort out the issue. If this still continues, you are being avoided. Another sign of a player or a guy who is not interested in a serious relationship is one who avoids answering his calls in your presence. Girls, Dont let this warning sign pass by you easily

9.        Sudden change in his Communication

He used to spend hours chatting with you, writing emails, sending romantic quotes and pics. Now you realize that even when he is online, he does not reply to your chat messages or emails for hours. You used to talk without even worrying about the times on the phone and now he struggles for words and doesn’t have anything to talk. From 10-20 sms a day to now no sms or maybe once in a while, or maybe just to reply your sms. Is he bored of you now? Why this sudden change in his way of communication. Keep a check!!!

10.  Already in a Relationship but still with you

When a guy has a girlfriend or wife, he should be considered off limits. Yet so many pretty women fell for cheesy words and pitty lines like – he is going through a bad relationship and you are the one who he really loves. He Promises you that he will eventually dump the other woman and will choose you. Please understand that this is not a movie but your real life, don’t fall for these movie-inspired dialogues. If you fool yourself into believing that you are the special one of his life and this is an exception, then you are living in a fantasy world, COME BACK TO REALITY. Tell him, if he truly cares about you, then he must contact you once he has ended his current relationship. He will surely try to blackmail you emotionally and try to hit the soft corner he has made in your heart. But be strong, be firm, stick to your decision or else he might end up breaking you heart later and the soft corner he made in your heart will be the place where it will hurt the most. These men know how to emotionally weaken a girl, so they can use them as they want. You have been warned!

Being in love, trusting people is easy. But when someone is using your true love, fooling you, deceiving you for his own benefit, it’s better to come back to reality. I know it will hurt, but its better to get hurt today rather than being with a man who doesn’t care about you till the time unknown. You don’t deserve this, you deserve the best and nothing less than that.

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