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Researches have shown that spring time is best time for losing weight rather easily. You can hit the gym, walk a mile, exercise a bit and go back to your fitness routine without all those extra layers of clothing you had to use for winters. You must have heard that drinking sufficient water makes you lose weight, right? Continuing on the same note, Springs are the time when we sweat a lot, and thus drink (water) a lot. Not just water, springs bring us lots of healthy, tasty and juicy fruits that are not only good for the soul and the body but are also good for the tongue and the tummy. In the following article, we are going to discuss 8 spring foods that are not only healthy but also versatile, full of antioxidants and will help you lose that extra inch on your belly to put you into your favourite skinny jeans.

One large asparagus spear contains just four calories and has no cholesterol (Diabetes? No problem). Asparagus contains a chemical substance called ASPARAGINE which helps break down fat. This fruitful food contains more than 80 nutrients, good chunk of dietary fibre, folic acid, potassium and antioxidants which help in preventing cognitive impairment.

Tiny little gems of nature known as Avocados contain Mono-unsaturated and Poly-unsaturated fats. Mono fats actually burn body fat whereas Poly fats are good for your heart health. Avocados make up for a healthy snack which can calm down your hunger and benefit you by provide you with missing dietary fats that your body needs. An avocado provides vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, folate, Carotenoids, zinc, potassium and anti-inflammatory properties and is known to fight many types of cancer.

CucumberCucumber and slices isolated over white background.
These green long sticks of wellness contain 95% water and 5% dietary fibre which helps in cleansing body thoroughly and improves the rate of metabolism. It keeps the body hydrated which helps maintain body temperature. Rich in vitamin A and C, Cucumber also has manganese, potassium and molybdenum which helps in improving digestion and hence help you get rid of hundred other problems related to stomach.

Although most of the people hate this brown veggie, Ginger is low in fat and calories and very rich in minerals and vitamin B-6. In fact, Ginger is nearly calorie free, and creates internal heat that increases rate of metabolism significantly. Ginger in tea makes up for a very delicious drink and helps in stomach related problems.

Mint and Mint leaves are one of the best natural appetite suppressants which decreases hunger pangs. Mint helps in increasing the sense of fullness and satisfaction after eating a meal and improves digestion.

The beautiful and fruity Raspberries are high in fibre and low in calories. Besides these, Raspberries are rich in Vitamin C, vitamin B, folic acid, manganese, copper, magnesium, iron and antioxidants. It also contains a phytochemical – ellagic acid which is believed to have excellent anti-cancer properties. High-fibre food takes longer for the body to digest, making you feel fuller for longer period and thus you help control food cravings.

White Button Mushroom
Mushrooms have been known for the amount of iron and protein they have but did you know that white button mushrooms are a good source of vitamin D and riboflavin too? They are also known to have antitumor, antiviral and antibacterial properties which help with increased immunity. They also help our muscles to soak and burn sugar faster and thus help us to get rid of some extra pounds easily.

Low in calories and rich in Vitamin A, C and B-Complex, Zucchini is one of the favourite food of dieticians around the world. It also is a good source of iron, calcium, niacin, riboflavin and thiamine and is an excellent source of un-absorbable roughage. Being high in water and fiber, even a small amount of it makes you feels fuller and doesn’t crave for more food. Make sure you always pick and buy the darker ones. As per researches, the darker the Zucchini, the better the quality and quantity of minerals.

Above are the 8 food items that I would suggest to anyone to consume this summer. Although the title says food items for weight loss, I would recommend these even to people who do not want to lose weight. All the food items are rich source of fibre and helps solve any problem related to digestion and metabolism. If you think, I missed out any important thing on the list, feel free to contribute via comments below. I would love to hear.

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