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It is not long before your young daughter will be looked at as a grown up person by everyone. Hence, you should start teaching your daughter about tips on becoming a lady right away. Teaching your daughter on how to become a lady is very important since one must always act their age and no will like to see their daughter act like a 16 year old teenage girl all her life.

Below are some of the things you must teach your daughter to become a lady:

1, Loving yourself – Nobody will love you unless you love yourself; this is an important aspect of love and respect.

2, Good hygiene – Teach your daughter about good hygiene. This cannot be postponed since nobody likes to be with unhygienic people, not even boyfriends.

3, Act like a lady and get treated like a lady in return. People take you seriously only when you act serious.

4, Financial Transactions – Teach her the nitty gritties of dealing with money matters to avoid over spending. Also, teach her the art of saving money.

5, Believe in yourself – Trust yourself more than anybody, even your friends.

6, Stop chasing boys – Do not run behind guys who make you come running behind them, they are not worth it. A worthy man will never make her lady come running behind him.

7, Unprotected Sex is Taboo – Do not ever have unprotected sex, no matter how close you are with your boyfriend.

8, Care about the people around you – A lady always takes good care of the people around her. Caring is a give and take relationship where you get care in return.

9, Use your brains, not beauty – It is the brain which will come to our rescue in worse situations; not your beauty. Learn to use your brain more than your beauty. Also, beauty doesn’t long much, brain will.

10, Elegant – Learn to carry yourself elegantly, this is the best part about ladies.

11, Dress to impress, not to seduce – There is a fine line between impression and vulgarity. One must always dress keeping this in mind.
Those unfriendly touches – Men will be men, teach your daughter about those unfriendly touches and how to avoid them or give back a positive response unintentionally.

12, Multitasking – We all know multitasking is our forte. Why not sharpen your daughter’s multitasking skills by providing some real good tips on it? This will help her a lot.

Alright, these are the ones I could think of. What would you like to add? Please use the comments section to suggest.

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