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Deciding on what food to have and what food to not have during pregnancy is confusing and critical as the food you have affects the health of your soon-to-born baby. This is the exact reason why we have compiled a list of 10 (Ten) Food Items which you must avoid having during pregnancy.

1)      Big Fish – Although fish is a good food to consume during pregnancy, big fish is not. Big fishes like shark, swordfish, King Mackerel contain very high levels of methyl mercury which can harm your unborn baby’s nervous system. Smaller fishes like shrimp, salmon, catfish etc., are very good to be consumed during pregnancy.

2)      Raw Fish – Never consume raw uncooked fish as it may contain bacteria or parasites which can cause some serious gastrointestinal problems.

3)      Luncheon Meat, Deli Meat and Hot Dogs – Pregnant women are 20 times more likely to get listeriosis – a food-borne illness which may result in premature birth or miscarriage. Luncheon Meat, Deli Meat and Hot Dogs are known to cause listeriosis.

4)      Unpasteurized Dairy Products – Unpasteurized dairy products are likely to contain pathogens which may harm your sensitive health during pregnancy. All unpasteurized products such as soft cheese; milk etc., must be avoided during pregnancy.

5)      Excess Calorie Food – You would be eating food for two people during pregnancy; that doesn’t mean you should consume food with excess calorie during pregnancy. This could cause your child to become overweight in future.

6)      Foods packed with Bisphenol A (BPA) container – BPA is an industrial chemical used to make hard plastic. BPA is known to cause health issues and you should not consume food products packed in containers made up of BPA.

7)      Food products with Caffeine – Studies have shown that caffeine consumption by women makes them prone to miscarriage during pregnancy. Although studies say that higher levels of caffeine is bad, it is always good to stay safe by not consuming caffeine altogether.

8)      Alcohol – Consumption of any type of alcohol is bad since it dehydrates you and your unborn baby’s body leading to laziness and weakness. Studies also suggest that consumption of alcohol during pregnancy is known to cause psychological problems for kids during some point of their life.

9)      Junk Foods – It is safer to consume greens, fruits and vegetables instead of consuming outside junk foods which contain so many unhealthy substances.

10)   Smoking – Last but not the least; completely stop smoking while you are pregnant. Smoking causes serious damage to your unborn baby and to yourself as well. There are lots of ill effects of smoking.

Avoid thisLuncheon Meatjunk foods

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